Crackets for Children

As individual as the child

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Child crackets are smaller versions of the full size crackets and are unique because they have both the name and the date of birth of the child in a contrasting wood.

They are therefore very individual gifts. The circular hole in the top can be replaced with a slot to accept coins and a box can be formed underneath to collect the coins safely. A screwdriver would be needed to access the coins.

The letters are cut out individually and then inset into rebates cut on each side.

This one is made from from European Oak with the letters cut from Mahogany.




This one is made from from American Black Walnut with the letters cut from Willow to give a good colour contrast.


It doesn't have to be name and date of birth - any lettering can be done, provided I can fit it into the available space. Here's an example made from American White Ash with Walnut lettering.


These child crackets are smaller versions being approximately 24cm high with a top measuring approximately 35cm x 19cm.

Child cracket prices start at £70 plus £1.50 per letter/number.