Turned Bowls

Any shape as long as it's round!

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Wooden bowls and plates can be turned from a very wide range of woods.

This one is made from a slice of wood taken from a log of Spalted Silver Birch.

The black lines are caused by a fungus in the wood.

Silver Birch bowl

This one which can hold a central candle surrounded by pot pourri is made from sycamore.

Sycamore bowl

Below is a very simple bowl turned from Cherry

Cherry bowl

Another challenge for me was to produce a small lidded cup with a captive ring.

The one below was made from a piece of olive wood given to me in Crete.


This bowl is made from left over slices of oak and walnut, glued together and then turned to give this striped effect.

Oak and Walnut

Sometimes it is not necessary to turn the wood on the lathe.

This candle holder was made from a slice taken from a Spalted Silver Birch log.

Candle holder